Freight Services

Rely On Us For Safe, Reliable Transportation And 24/7 Dispatch

From auto parts, furniture and military equipment to perishable items, steel and more, companies and brokers alike can look to Gazic Trucking for reliable transportation and individual attention to detail.

Our comprehensive solutions include:

24-Hour Dispatch

The experienced dispatchers at Gazic Trucking keep you updated around the clock while your freight is being shipped. Our goal is to ensure your shipment reaches its destination in the U.S. safely and on time.

Custom Freight

If your shipment requires special handling such as for military freight, trade show logistics or similar challenges, you can count on Gazic Trucking for specialized freight services.

LTL Freight

Gazic Trucking offers pick-up and delivery services for less-than-truckload shipping. Palletized loads less than 10,000 lbs. are considered LTL freight.

Refrigerated Trucking

Companies that need to safely ship temperature-controlled freight can count on Gazic Trucking. We regularly haul reefers loaded with refrigerated items including dairy products, fruit, meat, pharmaceuticals, seafood and vegetables.

Drop Trailers

Gazic Trucking supports supply chain initiatives like drop trailers that let shippers load trailers at their convenience. Look to us, too, for drop-and-hook services. We’ll drop off an empty trailer at the time we hook up your fully loaded one.

Equipment Tracking

To help assure security, Gazic Trucking utilizes full-time GPS tracking on all our tractors and trailers. Equipment tracking also optimizes delivery times and enhances route planning.

Long-Haul Trucking

For shippers with time-sensitive freight that requires secure and reliable transportation, Gazic Trucking provides dependable long-haul services throughout the U.S.

Truckload Freight

With our fleet of vehicles, Gazic Trucking is well equipped to handle your full truckload freight. Shipments over 10,000 lbs. are considered full truckload (FTL) freight.

Transportation for all your needs.